useless member of society

useless member of society

and here, ladies and gentlemen, we have a female Mel in its natural habitat
please tread carefully for it is easy to frighten the shy and tiny creature
semi-hiatus until June probably
Tokyo Ghoul 2015 Special Illustration Calendar

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today when I was taking my afternoon nap I woke up caught in sleep paralysis and had an auditory hallucination of my mom talking on the phone saying she was really worried about me and I was acting weird so I tried to get up but couldn’t move at all it was seriously spooky

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It’s late and I’m high


Take care of them! || Kuroshitsuji Chapter 98


*Permission granted by the artist to repost

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Makotos Hardcore side ♥



I haven’t complained on tumblr in a long time which isn’t because life is great now but more because I don’t even know what to complain about anymore I’m just annoyed and exhausted by literally everything


dam tho…….


緑高絵と漫画つめ&おしらせ by アリ@スパークあ03a


Haikyuu × Attack on Titan

Official Free! Eternal Summer Dub Cast


Haruka Nanase- Flipper the Dolphin

Makoto Tachibana- Orlando Bloom

Rin Matsuoka-  Bryce Papenbrook

Nagisa Hazuki- Kanye West

Rei Ryugazaki- Vic Mignogna

Sosuke Yamazaki- Snoop Dogg

Aiichiro Nitori- Danny DeVito

Momotarou Mikoshiba- Chris Hemsworth 

Gou Matsuoka- Kim Kardashian 

Seijurou Mikoshiba- Robert Downey Jr.

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