useless member of society

useless member of society

and here, ladies and gentlemen, we have a female Mel in its natural habitat
please tread carefully for it is easy to frighten the shy and tiny creature

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i really want to carry a torch in a cave just like one time

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ツイッターらくがきまとめ(腐向け) | ひぬおEX 
Permission granted
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"So please, remember me
 As vivid as I used to be."

I didn’t pass the math test so I’m going go become a stripper does anyone have a good idea for a nickname

I have a very very important math exam on Monday and if I fail I can’t pass the class so I’ve been studying the past two months basically if I can’t solve the problems I’m planning on jumping out of the window in front of everyone

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Then what'll happen to Lisa?


Sleeping Makoto (´ω`)


Our beautiful Crystal is getting old today. Our little kittens grow so fast, goodness. ( p_q) What to say to you, who have been here from the beginning? We’re happy to celebrate another of your birthdays together, and we hope you keep being so you. Tried to search for words but they wouldn’t come. (⌒▽⌒) Have the best of birthdays, Crystal, we love you!