useless member of society

useless member of society

and here, ladies and gentlemen, we have a female Mel in its natural habitat
please tread carefully for it is easy to frighten the shy and tiny creature

Uta’s tattoo. 

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Kageyama Tobio || 影山飛雄

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apparent getting drunk alone in front of the tv is my new hobby yay for being an adult


By マカロニ
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"You’re the only one who belongs to both worlds."

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"And that’s that."

by ばんどう
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Parallels :: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi vs. Free! Eternal Summer

Saga and Ritsu’s confession scene vs. Rei and Nagisa's confession scene

+ bonus:

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just a few more days until my pc will be running again (probably???) and until then I’ll be here on my phone crying every time a gif doesn’t load


while Kuroo’s dyeing Kenma’s hair he’d constantly complain about how much he hates doing it and he’d grumble about how many better things he could do on a saturday evening which is obviously a lie because he’s a loser


my whole life


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